Welcome to Our First Weekly Update

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Welcome to our 6-1 Team Green Machine!

Happy Friday 6-1 Families!

We’ve had a fabulous first week with your students and have been really impressed with how polite, respectful and responsible they’ve been.  Our team sends out weekly family communication to let you know about all the fun things we are learning in class and to let you know what to expect for the upcoming week.  These weekly posts will be posted to our Team Website blog.  Please sign up for the e-mail notifications using the directions at the bottom of the page.  All of the links to the individual teachers’ websites can be found on our Team Website as well.

CORE Updates

Math 6/6+ (Mr. Hayes) –   This past week, students reviewed Order of Operations and Exponents.  Students will continue to practice these concepts next week with a Quiz on Thursday, July 12th and a Test on Monday, July 20th. Please see Mr. Hayes’ Blackboard Site for copies of classwork and homework.

Science (Ms. Haynie) – This past week, we spent some time getting our binders organized, talking about having a growth mindset this year, and observations/inferences.  Next week we will talk about the scientific method and explore that method through some lab activities.  There will be a Quiz on Friday, July 17th on everything we have discussed since Day 1.  Please see my website for daily lessons and homework.  Copies of all handouts can be found under Quarter 1. http://mshayniescience.weebly.com/

Social Studies (Mr. Miller) – This past week, we setup our Edmodo accounts to communicate with other students and teachers. We also talked about the 5 themes of geography and types of maps. Your child received information about our first major project, the Cartographer’s Challenge (due August 6th). We will also have a quiz on the 5 themes of geography on Wednesday, July 15th; make sure your child is studying their notes. The answers to all the blanks on the note sheet are on http://www.mrmiller.info I have enjoyed getting to know your children and look forward to a great year!

ELA (A Fabulous Teacher to be Named Soon) – 6-1 has had the pleasure of having Dr. Linda Van Gombos (an 8-4 ELA teacher) step into the 6-1 ELA position this week.  This past week, they established a classroom culture with rules and procedures, completed a reading inventory, wrote a detailed paragraph, and visited the Media Center to learn how circulation and checking books in and out works at ECMS.

With excitement,We are so excited to work with you and your student this year.  Also, we encourage you to check in with your students daily for the first couple of weeks.  They should be getting into the habit of writing their homework down in their agendas.   If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours (weekend e-mails may have a longer response time).

Lauren Haynie (LHAYNIE@wcpss.net)

Chad Miller (CMILLER@wcpss.net)

Mike Hayes (MHAYES@wcpss.net)

We will no longer be sending paper updates after this first newsletter, so please forward onto others and have them sign up at the site below!

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Rising 6th Graders – Here is your supply list!

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We are so excited to meet all of you in July. Here is our supply list for next school year!

6-1 Team Supply List