ECMS 6-1 Weekly Update: February 17th, 2017

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Happy Friday, February 17th, 6-1 Families!

Here are the important announcements for the upcoming week:

  1. The 3rd Quarter is quickly coming to an end. All missing work for this quarter is due by Friday, February 24th.  Any assignments missing after that time will remain the grade of zero.  Please monitor PowerSchools daily as we near the end of the quarter.
  1. Next Friday, February 24th is our next STEM elective day. Students need to bring any necessary materials for their particular STEM electives that day.
  1. ECMS needs you! The ECMS staff will be holding their last professional development Early Release day on Friday, March 24th. We are looking for STEM-related professionals to help us with a networking event we are calling “March Madness”. Please see the two handouts and contact our Mrs. Shandua Ellis ( if you are able to help out or know of someone who would be willing to help out.

march-madness-flyer_to-businesses        march-madness-invitation-letter

  1. Marbles has an opportunity for students who are strong in science to apply for their Marbles STEM Play Corps. Please see the flyer for more information about the program and the competitive application program.  We’ve had a couple students in the past accepted to the program and they really loved it.


  1. Students received information in Science class on last week about ordering a FREE energy-efficient kit for your home from Duke Energy. Please ask your student for this flyer.  All of the information about the program is on the flyer.  The energy kit is free, no strings attached. We can also earn money for our school and you can have the chance to win $1,000.  The easiest way is to sign up at
  1. Team Donations: We are in need of college-ruled papers of loose leaf paper as well as #2 pencils. Any donations would be greatly appreciated to get us through the remainder of the year.
  1. As a team, we would like to remind students of the school and classroom expectations that have been in place since the beginning of July. They have been repeated on a variety of occasions and are found in the ECMS agendas as well as on the ECMS website.  We are seeing an increase in the amount of class disruptions, non-compliance and disrespect.  Teachers will contact parents/guardians immediately if your student is not following expectations.
  1. We’ve had a lot students with a variety of illnesses the past few weeks. Please monitor any symptoms and if you feel your child needs to stay at home to recover/get well, we strongly encourage that.  We can always get the work made up when they return to school.
  1. Lastly, we encourage both students and parents to review our teacher websites for lessons, homework, and resources. We update our websites daily and weekly.

CORE Updates

Math 6/6+ (Mr. Hayes) –  Unit 11:  Angle Relationships, Area and Perimeter Vocabulary

Wednesday, February 22nd Quiz:  Line, Line Segment, Ray, Types of Angles and Measuring Angles with protractors. Friday 24th Quiz: Area and Perimeter Quiz (Formula Provided)

Science (Ms. Haynie) –  Students will continue studying the similarities and differences in various types of waves.  Next week we will focus on light and the electromagnetic spectrum. Students also received their Matter Unit tests back today.  They were given a Test Correction sheet in which they may complete and try to earn back ½ their points.  This sheet should be stapled to their original test and turned in by Tuesday, February 21st.  We will taking our 3rd Quarter benchmark on Friday, March 3rd with a review of the quarter the day before.

Social Studies (Mr. Miller) – Our final test will be on economics on Thursday, February 23rd. It will be a major grade.

ELA (Mrs. Gilliland) – Next week, we will read poetry and focus on inferring the meaning of figurative language. All Buzz Letter make-ups and corrections are due on Wednesday, 2/22. For homework, students should read at least 20 minutes each night.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Have a great weekend!

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