ECMS 6-1 Weekly Update: October 28th, 2016

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Happy Friday, October 28th, 6-1 Families!

It’s hard to believe we’ve completed a month of the 2nd quarter already! Teachers just wanted to mention that our missing work lists have continued to grow this week.  Please continue checking PowerSchools frequently to take care of any missing assignments.  In PowerSchools, if the assignment is missing, you will see an orange square next to the assignment as well as the grade of zero.  If an assignment has not grade posted yet, the teacher is in the process of grading and entering the grades.  You should only be concerned if the assignment says missing or has a zero.

We are also noticing that some students have some very messy binders and homework folders.  This could be a barrier for some students getting their work turned in on time.  The only papers that should be in their homework folder are CURRENT homework assignments.  Once the assignment has been graded, it should go into the student’s CORE divider section of their binder for that class.  Also, students should NOT have papers stuck in the folders of their binder.  We punch holes in all of our papers so that students can put them in the rings of their binders.  This prevents students from losing papers which is happening more often as students are just throwing their papers in the front of their binders.

Students should take some time this weekend to organize their binders.  They should first start by sorting all of their papers that have piled together into the various classes.  Each class also has a Table of Contents which can then help students to put the papers for each of their classes in order.  Some students already do this well but we need to work on catching the others up on the organization game to help them with the remainder of this year as well as for the future.

2nd quarter interims will go home by the end of the week next week.  These interims should be signed and returned to homeroom teachers by Monday, November 7th.

Beginning November 1st, ECMS will be holding it’s annual Fall Food Drive to support the Wake Relief Food Bank in downtown Raleigh.  Students can begin bringing in non-perishable food items to their homeroom class collection box.  The Food Drive will run until November 23rd.  Please consider donating especially at this holiday time of the year, as well as, in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Next week is Spirit Week at ECMS! We encourage our 6-1 students to participate as much as they feel comfortable with and students MUST still abide by the WCPSS Dress Code policy. The schedule is as follows:

Monday, Oct. 31st – Twin Day: Dress alike with another classmate

Tuesday, Nov. 1st – College Wear: Sport your favorite college gear and/or colors

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd – Green Out: Wear green for our ECMS Pep Rally day

Thursday, Nov. 3rd – Breast Cancer Awareness Day: Wear pink for a good cause

Friday, Nov. 4th – Wacky Tacky Day: Dress as wacky as you can!

ECMS is need of volunteers for Science Fair Judges in December and January.  Please see the attached document for more information about the responsibilities of science fair judges.  If you are interested in helping out or getting more information, please contact Mrs. Shandua Ellis, our STEM coordinator/Assistant Principal at .


Lastly, we encourage both students and parents to review our teacher websites for lessons, homework, and resources.  We update our websites daily and weekly.

CORE Updates

Math 6/6+ (Mr. Hayes) –  Students will be learning how to read, write and evaluate algebraic expressions next week.  There will be a Unit Test on these ideas on Monday, November 7th.  Friday, November 4th will be spent reviewing.  A study guide will be provided.

Science (Ms. Haynie) –  Students will be finishing their mini-unit on Flowering Plants with a Quiz on Tuesday, November 1st.  Starting Wednesday, students will begin an in-class project on Photosynthesis.  This project will be a MAJOR grade for 2nd quarter.  Completing the project will also take place of much of their learning for photosynthesis.  This project will be due by Wednesday, November 9th and much of the work will be done in class.

Students should be finishing up Part C of their Science Fair project this weekend.  Next week, students should begin on Part D (Materials and Procedure).  Please see the packet for more details and examples.  Once again, students do not have turn in each part as they finish but they are welcome to give it to Ms. Haynie to give them some feedback/corrections to make before the final product is due on Thursday, December 1st.  Students may share their Google documents or e-mail attachments Ms. Haynie to review.

Social Studies (Mr. Miller) – We are wrapping up our mini-unit on religion this week and beginning to work on the achievements of Ancient Civilizations. Coming up in another week, we will be introducing a project that alongside ELA, that is creating a business for a Greek or Roman god. This is our Project Based Learning for this quarter and the students always enjoy it!

ELA (Mrs. Gilliland) – Next week, we will focus on determining the central idea of a fictional text. We will also explore Greek Mythology in preparation for our cross-curricular PBL. Buzz Letters in Cores 1 and 2 will be due on Friday, 11/4.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Have a great weekend!

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