ECMS 6-1 Weekly Update: October 14th, 2016

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Happy Friday, October 14th, 6-1 Families!

Our second week back has been an exciting one in many ways!  We had a great time on our field trip to the Durham Life and Science museum yesterday.  A HUGE thank you to our parents who chaperoned and assisted in making this field trip an awesome time for all the students.

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 15th is our make-up day for Monday’s cancellation.  A few things to note about Saturday school:

  1. Arrival time is the same at 7:00am.
  2. Dismissal is at 11:00am. This is earlier than our Early Release days.
  3. WCPSS buses will be running their normal routes.
  4. No lunch or breakfast will be served. Students may bring a snack if they feel that they will not be able to last until 11:00am.
  5. Attendance will be taken.
  6. Students will have their 4 CORE classes and their 1st Please see the attached document for the bell schedule:

The Fall PBIS Dance is scheduled for Friday, October 28th from 2:30-4:15pm in the ECMS gymnasium.  Tickets will be available at lunch the week of the dance.  The cost of the dance is $5 or 20 PBIS tickets.

Lastly, we encourage both students and parents to review our teacher websites for lessons, homework, and resources.  We update our websites daily and weekly.

CORE Updates

Math 6/6+ (Mr. Hayes) –  Students will be assessed on what they learned this past week.  They will have a quiz on Monday, October 17th and a test on Wednesday, October 19th on Integers, Opposites, and Absolute Values.

Science (Ms. Haynie) –  Next week, we will pause from the 2nd quarter science curriculum to assist students on Part C of the science fair project.  Part C includes a research outline, a bibliography and a hypothesis.  We will spend Monday through Friday in the Media Center with Mrs. Harris to work on this portion.  This will be the only class time dedicated to working on the science fair project.  The remainder of the project needs to be worked on at home or in the morning at school or working lunch.

Due to changes in the schedule because of Monday’s cancellation, we will cancel the Soil Mini-Unit Quiz which was scheduled for today, October 14th.

Also, a HUGE thank you to those families that donated supplies for our edible soil profiles.  It was fun and we learned a lot in the process.

Social Studies (Mr. Miller) – On Friday, October 21st, your child will be turning in a Fertile Crescent project or taking a Fertile Crescent test. They have made their choice and can let you know. Details for the project are on my website and they can also use the powerpoint to study for the test, if they chose that option.

ELA (Mrs. Gilliland) – Next week, we will focus on determining importance and practice finding supporting details and central ideas in informational texts. Buzz Letters for Cores 3 and 4 are due on Tuesday; Buzz Letters for Cores 1 and 2 are due on Friday. An article of the week will go home on Monday; it will be due on Friday with thinking tracks (annotations).


As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Have a great weekend!

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