October 5th ECMS 6-1 Update: Science Lab Materials Needed

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Good morning, 6-1 families!

On Monday, October 10th, all science classes will be creating an edible Soil Profile model to help support our mini-unit on soil.  We need help gathering some of materials in order to create this model.  The following items are needed:

  • Clear plastic cups
  • Packages of chocolate chip cookies
  • Vanilla pudding snack cups
  • Chocolate pudding snack cups
  • Sprinkles
  • Gummy Worms

Please e-mail Ms. Haynie (lhaynie@wcpss.net) if you are able to help out in donating some of these items.  The items need to be sent in by this Friday, October 7th in order to prepare for the model creation on Monday, October 10th.

Thank you in advance,

Lauren Haynie (lhaynie@wcpss.net)