ECMS 6-1 Weekly Update: August 26th, 2016

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Happy Friday, August 26th, 6-1 Families!

Another week has flown by! We are quickly approaching the end of the quarter so please read through our next few weekly newsletters very carefully as we have important end of the quarter information.

Teachers have missing work lists posted outside their rooms by student number.  Students are encouraged to check those lists often to see if they are missing any work.  Please encourage your student to turn in any missing work as soon as possible.  All missing 1st Quarter work is due to teachers by the end of the day on Thursday, September 1st.  If missing work is not turned in at that time, the grade for that assignment will remain a zero.

In PowerSchools, missing work is indicated by the symbol of a gold square next to the assignment.  See the bottom of the PowerSchools reports for a key to what each symbol means.  If you see the grade of a 0 (zero) that means the student has not turned in that graded assignment.  If you see no grade or (- -/100) that means that the assignment has been created in PowerSchools but the teacher is not ready to enter the grades yet.

School pictures are scheduled for Tracks 1, 3 & 4 for Monday, August 29th.  Picture information was given to students on Thursday, August 25th.  Payment is needed at the time of the picture.  Pictures will take place after lunch during Exploratory Enrichment time.

CORE Updates

Math 6/6+ (Mr. Hayes) –  Students will continue their unit on Division of Fractions.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday, August 31st and a Test on Friday, September 2nd.

Compact Math Class (Mr. Hayes) – Students should see Mr. Hayes to discuss quiz and test timeline expectations.

Science (Ms. Haynie) –

  1. Week of August 29th – Sept. 2nd: Review for Test on Monday. Unit Test on Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes on Tuesday, August 30th. This is a major grade.  A study guide was provided on Friday, August 26th.  We will spend the remainder of the week on rocks and the rock cycle.
  2. Week of Sept. 5th – 9th:  This trackout week, we will review 1st Quarter material.  We will take our 1st Quarter Science Benchmark on Thursday, September 8th on devices.  This is not for a formal grade but helps to gauge what students mastered during the first nine weeks.

Social Studies (Mr. Miller) – Your child took their last major test of the quarter this past Friday. Please ask to see their email, to see their grade, if it has not been posted to PowerSchool yet.

This week we will be focusing on geographical regions around the world, before we take our benchmark for 1st Quarter on Friday, September 2nd. The benchmark will not be for a grade, but to help guide my instruction for your child. They will receive a percentage in their email on their benchmark, but it will not count towards their average for the quarter.

ELA (Mrs. Gilliland) – Next week, we will continue to practice inferring with text clues and background knowledge. On Thursday, 9/1, students will take an assessment on comprehension strategies. This will involve demonstrating the use of strategies through text annotation, as well as responding to questions about strategy use. This will count as a major grade; we will prepare study guides prior to the assessment.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Have a great weekend!

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