ECMS 6-1 Weekly Team Newsletter – September 4th, 2015

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Happy Friday, September 4th, 6-1 Families!

Thank you for a great 1st Quarter!  We have truly enjoyed building relationships and getting to know your students and your families this quarter.  We wish you a safe and happy track out!

Report cards were given out at the end of the day today.  Report cards for those who were absent will be in a folder in the ECMS front office for you to pick-up at your earliest convenience over track out.

CORE Updates

Science (Ms. Haynie) – All 6th grade students are required to complete a Science Fair project.  More information will go home on Thursday, October 1st.  Students should start thinking about if they want to complete their project individually or with another 6-1 student.  Students should only agree to be partners if they will be able to meet together outside of school and both agree to share equal parts of the work.  Those choosing to work together will have to get their parents to sign a partner contract.  Topics will be chosen the week we return from track out.  All topics will have to be approved by me before starting.

ELA (Ms. Chappell) – Over track out, students should continue to read and track their thinking daily. Novels, short stories, news articles, and non-fiction books are all great reading choices! When we track in, we will begin Writer’s Workshop. Each student will need a composition book to use as a writer’s notebook.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

We will send a “Track In” update on Tuesday, September 29th.

Have a great track out!

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